Watch the new video for ‘The Trouble With Angels’



‘The Trouble With Angels’ is taken from my new album “Secrets & Lies”, out October 23rd, 2020.

A Film by Sam Pictures Productions
Sam Chegini – Screenwriter, Director, Animator and Editor |

Music Department
Gavin Harrison – Drums
Tony Levin – Bass
Amber Jakszyk – Backing Vocals

Jakko M Jakszyk – Vocals, Guitars & Keyboards

Film Department
UK – Toby Amies
The Netherlands – Linde Nijland & Bert Ridderbos
Turkey – Alireza Sakaki

Iran – Sam Pictures Productions
The Netherlands – Visual Screen Art
UK – SoundStage Studios


The Girl – Sietske Doke Ketelaar

The Mortals – Linde Nijland, Bert Ridderbos, Alidus Post, Yvet Post, Alireza Sakaki, Navid Khorasani Nejad, Mehran Khani, Elham Khani

The Whisperers
Linde Nijland, Bert Ridderbos, Sepide Afsheen Khanbolooki, Mojan Chegini, Pouria Jabbari, Ghazal Salehi,

Animation Department
VFX, Compositing Artist, Animator and Storyboard Artist: Sam Chegini

Special Thanks to:
Chris Porter, Toby Amies, David Singleton, Linde Nijland, Bert Ridderbos, Sander Trispel, Laleh Akbarzadeh, Mert Küçük, Javad Atashbari, Sepide Afsheen Khanbolooki, Majid Chegini, Mojan Chegini, Alireza Sakaki, Mohammad Dolati and everyone who helped us to make this film possible during the pandemic of Covid-19